What is PTS?
PTS (Pakistan Testing Services) is a testing services, which is providing Potential Human Capital & Educational Testing Service in Pakistan. 
 How Apply Online on PTS?
Many government jobs are published through online testing services inside Pakistan. PTS is also a Testing Service and if any Government job is published through PTS, then how do you guys apply for this Government job, first you have to visit PTS website http://www.pts.org.pk/Home/ and clicks on the projects tab. When you click on the All Projects tab, all available jobs will be displayed to you. There will be some jobs for which you must apply online, for some jobs you will have to apply just download and fill out application form. If you want to apply online then you must first create your account on PTS website. You will then are login into your account and update your profile. Write personal information, complete educational qualifications and experience, and so on. Then you have to apply for the relevant job, then a full video was created on the subject, as well as the online application procedure. You can find out how you can create an account by clicking on the video below and how to log in and complete your profile after logging in.

PTS Contact Information

PTS Website:            http://www.pts.org.pk/Home/
Phone No                  051-111-111-787
Email Addres:           info@pts.org.pk
Address:                    PTS Head Quarters, 3rd Floor, Adeel Plaza,
                                  Fazl-e-Haq Road Blue Area, Islamabad.