Introduction of NITB Test

NITB stands for National Information Technology Board. NITB Test is also under the purview of the National Information Technology Board, this test must be passed by all clerical staff i.e. LDC (lower division clerk), UDC (upper division clerk) and Assistant. Without this test, there can be no appointment or promotion of clerical staff.

LDCs and UDCs must pass three weeks of basic IT training, whereas assistant must pass the six weeks basic IT training from NITB.

How to Apply Online for NITB Test

A nomination form is displayed on the official website of NITB. You must complete this form and submit it online. Click on the link below to fill out the form.

When you click on the link above, the nomination form will open on screen. You must fill out and submit this form online. How to fill out the form shown in the video below you can watch video for further details.

When you complete and submit the form online, form will open in front of you in PDF file format. You have to print form and after getting the signature from the concerned officer, cover letter should be affixed on it and sent to NITB Headquarters through Pakistan Post Office or TCS. NITB Headquarters address is blow.

No. 24_B، Street 6, Sector H-9/1 H 9/1 H-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

How to Access NITB Video Lecture or Modules

Once you have applied for the NITB test, you have to need NITB test preparation. A total of six videos module are available on the NITB website: -

1-    Introduction to Computers

2-    Using the Computer & Managing Files

3-    Word Processing

4-    Spreadsheet Software

5-    Presentation Software

6-    Internet & Communication

If you want to test for LDC or UDC, you will have to prepare the first three videos module and if you have applied for an assistant, you will be preparing six videos module. If you want to access NITB module click on below link.

If you want to know more about NITB modules, watch the video below.

How to check NITB Exam Schedule or NITB Waiting List

When you apply for the NITB exam, after a few months you are put on the betting list. If your name appears in the waiting list, it means that your admission has been confirmed. NITB will inform the concerned department / nominee of the concerned officials about the test center and test date for assessment of the trainees who will ensure their attendance. Afterward NITB will award certificates to the successful candidates.   Click on the link below to check the waiting list.

Click here for checking waiting list

If you want to know more about exam schedule or NITB waiting list, click on the video below.


How to Attempt NITB Paper

The NITB test is taken online through Virtual University of Pakistan Examination Software. You will need an ID and password to take the test in this software. People who apply for the exam are notified of this ID and password via e-mail or SMS.

The software used for the test can only be run on Internet Explorer; In addition, you cannot use the software in any browser. If you want to check out the software demo, click on the link below.

If you want to learn more about using this software, click on the video below.

How to check NITB Result

Sometime after the exam you can check out the NITB result on NITB official website. The result of NITB is uploaded very fast on the website, but it takes a long time for the certificate to reach your official address. If you want to get the certificate quickly so you can get your certificate by visiting the NITB office.

But remember to call before visiting the NITV office, because if your result card is printed then you should visit NITB office.

NITB Office phone number for result card inquiry 0519265375

Click on below link for checking of NITB result.