AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal for students who are currently studying in AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Allama Iqbal Open University has decided to add a new feature or eco system to their official website through which all the students are now able to submit their assignments easily in effectively in two formats. The one is MS WORD file or the PDF file.

Before AIOU LMS system students were facing difficulties to send the assignments, workshops by post or other document mailing option which were very slow and costly so, AIOU has launched the AAGHI LMS PORTAL to uphold their main slogan that “students are our main quality”. The Vice chancellor has taken so many initiatives to promote e-learning and online education because according to him this is the most comfortable mode of education for all the students.

    AIOU LMS Introduction

    AIOU learning management system for next generation is so simple to use for the students as well as for tutors.

    First thing you must do is to log in in AAGHI LMS PORTAL.

    NOTE: We will discuss about how to get login and password of LMS in this article at the end of this article.

    Firstly, you will see the “My courses” tab where beneath that you can determine what are your current enrolled courses listed up.

    In the Main menu you will see the “Site News” in which you will be informed about all the latest news or announcements related to your subjects.

    At the left-end you will also see the “Messages” menu where you will get all the instructions of your teacher.

    How to use AIOU LMS portal?

    We have discussed about the first visual structure after logging in. Now we will try to keep a detailed eye to solve some sort of general queries which may be coming in your mind like as below:


    Q: How to enter your course?

    Ans: When you will log in to AAGHI LMS Portal the first page which will display is called home page. After clicking MY COURSES, you will be able to watch all your subject materials there, which is uploaded by your professor.

    Q: How would be the course structured?

    Ans: Once you are inside the course you are enrolled; you will see many different small blocks. There you will find two types of modules: Activities and Resources.

    Activities are the tasks which are assigned to you from the professor or tutor and resources are all the study material given by your professor. Resources may be of different types or format like Power Point, PDF, MS Word, Images or videos.

    Q: How you shall get latest announcements?

    Ans: “Announcements” tab has all the required latest information or announcements related to your course posted by the teacher.

    Q: What is in assignment tab?

    Ans: By clicking the “Assignment tab” you shall be able to upload the assignments but remember that whether you solve the assignment in hand-written form or by solving it manually, you must have to upload MS word file (.doc) or portable document format (PDF).

    Note: You can download many assignments from our website lin is given below.

    Q: Why is Discussion Form used for?

    Ans: It is the activity area where all of the students may engage to different discussion topics with their teacher. Moreover, if there is poll asked by the teacher you can participate in it too.

    Q: What is importance of “Online Chat Session”?

    Ans: This option is used to get online suggestions or any type of help while doing any assignment or project. Simply we can say it is used to on-line chat with your teacher related to study

    These are the other blocks as well like:

    Your Progress: In this section a monitor is used to indicate completion of many activities and resources.

    Participant: This link contains all the participants who are enrolled in the same course.

    Grades: In this part you can see your grades and their percentage for each of the subject as well for all the students individually.

    Latest Announcements: In this block you will possibly see all the latest news, events or announcement related to your field of study.

    How you shall upload your AIOU assignments?

    This is the step by step guide to upload the AIOU assignments.

    1)    Login to AAGHI LMS Portal by this link:

    2)    Now go to Dashboard page there would be the list of all of your courses.

    3)    Now click on the subject of which the assignment you have been assigned.

    4)    There would be list of assignments by numbering like assignment 1, assignment 2. It depends on your course level and the teacher. Simply click on assignment then you shall see the full details related to that assignment i.e. Submission status, grade status, due date and the time remaining for that assignment.

    5)    You will now click a blue box having the name Add submission and a new page will open having an icon of ARROW. Click on that arrow icon.

    6)     After clicking arrow icon, you will see a new page named file picker. On the left bar click on Upload file then click Choose file and then select your assignment and click save changes.

    Now by this method you can upload any other assignment by the same method.

    Note: All assignments should be written by hand on any page and then you can change it to PDF or MS Word file by any application or website because this AIOU LMS only accept these formats for all the assignments. 

    How to download AIOU assignments?

    These are the steps to download the AIOU assignments.

    1)   Login to AAGHI LMS Portal by this link:

    2)   Go Inside the course section and then simply click on the file resource you need to download. By this method you can download any type of resource file no matter if these are Power Point, PDF files, MS Word files, Images or videos.

    How to get AIOU LMS portal username and password?

    1)   To log in to AIOU LMS portal first visit this link:

    2)   Now enter your registration number (without dashes and spaces in upper case) e-g in that box where it is shown like “Type your username”

    Username: registration e-g

    3)   Type your password e-g BR6740, your password would be communicated with you via SMS or email from the concerned university’s administration department.

    Password: roll number e-g BR6740

    4)   Finally click on log in button to view your courses.

    Note: In case any problems regarding AIOU LMS Aaghi Portal login or password, you can contact to concerned Regional Office through Emil address. 

    How to get Email Address of AIOU Regional Office?

    List of Email address of all AIOU Regional Offices in overall Pakistan are given below.

    AIOU Regional Offices Email Address

    Video Tutorial using of AIOU LMS Portal

    If you are facing any problem regarding using of AIOU LMS Portal. You can watch below video tutorial.