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Online Computer Courses with Certificates 

Many students want to take computer courses in Pakistan but they cannot do computer courses as there is no computer institute or computer academy nearby. But now you don't have to worry, now you will be able to do all the computer courses online and after completing the course you will also get the certificate the certificate you can use for any government job, private job or overseas jobs. Click on the link below to see a list of all available courses.

List of Available Computer Courses Click Here

Online Computer Courses with Certificates

computer science certificate online

Procedure for enrollment in the course

Any student can enroll in any course. To enroll, first select the course you want and then send the course fee to our EasyPay mobile account number.

EasyPay Mobile Account Number 0345-7064670 (Waseem Abbas)

After paying the fee, you have to create your account on website link also given here The e-mail address you will use to create an account is the e-mail address you need to send us to mobile number 0345-7064670. You will be enrolled in the relevant course in 1 to 2 hours.

You can also watch and download all the juice videos online by logging in to your account.

Remember! If you share a video of the course with a friend or upload it to the Internet, the company will take legal action against you. This course is for your personal learning only.

Procedure for enrollment in the course

How to take full advantage of the course

All the courses of our institution have been recorded in easy Urdu language so that all the people can benefit from it. While recording all the courses, care has been taken to ensure that after completing the course, students Be able to Whenever you sit down to watch a video of the course, make sure you have a copy, a pencil to take notes with, and note down what you are told to take note of.

If you encounter any problems while doing the course, you can get help by contacting the official numbers of our institution.

How to take full advantage of the course

Procedure for obtaining a certificate

All students who complete the course can apply for the certificate. To apply you will need to send the project files of your respective course to the institution.

(Project files are provided at the end of each course. Some practical work is done on the program related to the student and an attempt is made to check how much the student has used the course.)

free computer certificate

Certificate Types

The institution can issue 2 types of certificates to all applying students.

1 soft copy

2 hard copy

Procedure for obtaining a certificate

Soft copy certificate

The student can also download the certificate in soft copy from our website or order it on their e-mail ad race and have it printed from any digital printer if required. This certificate requires 2 days.

Hard copy certificate

In case of hard copy certificate, the certificate is printed and sent to the student's home address through any courier service which requires one week time.

Soft copy certificate and hard copy fee

Certificate fee

The soft copy certificate fee is Rs. 750

Heart copy certificate fee is Rs. 1500

Certificate fee can be sent through EasyPay account number 0345-7064670 (Waseem Abbas).

Contact for more information


Mobile No. 0345-7064670

Certificate fee

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