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Free online computer courses with certificates

Free online computer courses teach you everything you need to know about computer in modern era. All over the world people now depend on computer technology to make their career because it is giving too much opportunities to improve their lives, not only that computer also give a lot of opportunities to earn online by staying with in your comfort zone only you need to learn the skills. We are offering number of programs and online computer diplomas which are free and paid as well. Most of the students do software engineering certificate to make themselves more expert in this field. Certificate in computer or computer diploma certificate is compulsory for getting any private or government job. We also provide computer science certificates online on our different courses which you shoe anywhere to get respectable job. The description of our courses is given below.

Coral Draw X4 Course

The first program which we are offering is Corel Draw X4 with which you can create a creative graphic designs. It helps you to design your project with confidence. You can do from photo editing to illustration very easily. Now a days there are number of jobs related to this because of its eye-catching designs. After learning it you can earn a good amount even sitting at your home or any of the re known company offers you reason post with reasonable salary.

Flex Board Designing Course

Flex Board designing is one of the magnificent program which we are offering. Number of clients are looking forward for a creative Flex board and banner designer. We teach you all the aspects of making Flex boards and banner in more creative form. If you know this skill you can also work online on freelancing and earn handsome amount.

3D Modeling Course

As everything is advancing day by day 3D modeling is also becoming the need. Every client want 3D models because they are more appealing and eye catching. We are providing the complete courses on 3D modeling.

Introduction of Adobe illustrator CS

Adobe illustrator is the one of the best course we are offering. There are number of features of Adobe illustrator CS which you can learn to do multiple tasks like you can design logos, visiting cards, 3D shapes and 2 D shapes and much more. It is the leading software of the industry. By learning this you can get job in any well-known company because number of companies are using it and hiring its experts.

Free Hand MX Course

We are also offering the complete course of Free Hand MX. With free Hand MX you can create creative designs, story boarding and document production and editing. It create multiple effects in simple objects. It is used world- wide these days Number of its projects are offering online on freelancer, up work and fiever as well as most of the companies are using it and offering jobs to its experts.

Audio Editing Course

We are offering many courses of editing and composing. These are very much helpful in media industry and video making industry. You can get job anywhere in media industry after learning this with good salary packages.

MS word Course

Learning MS Word Course is very beneficial for getting job in every field. From doctors to teachers, clerks to officers it is compulsory for you to know MS word. After taking our course and getting certificate you will be able to get any of the government and private company.

Front page Course

Front page 2003 is also the course of Microsoft. The purpose of Front Page 2003 is to create HTML documents and create a large complex websites. A due to increase in use of internet every page is consist of link and website, so a lot of jobs are offering in this field. It is very beneficial to get job in any of the private or Government Company after taking its complete course from us.

Fundamentals of web designing

We are also offering complete courses on fundamentals of web designing. You can get freelancer projects or start your own business. You can earn money even by staying at home. You can start you own training institute. Choosing this profession is a right option. You can make your future bright after learning it. So join own institute and learn this skill.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This program is also related to web designing and our professionals are teaching it with full zeal and zest. After learning this program you can work for your freelancer clients or many private and government companies.

Macromedia Flash MX

We are also offering the complete course of Macromedia Flash MX. Our professional trainers are giving the complete training of it. After getting complete course from our institute you can get job in any well-known graphic company.

In page Course

In page is basically Urdu typing software. Everyone knows English typing because it is using by us in daily routines. We are offering the complete course of Urdu typing with all its fonts and styles. Most of the government sectors are offering jobs related to In page experts, After getting certificate from our institute you can apply for any of the relevant job of In page.

Free Online Earing Course (Freelancer) &
Home Base Business idea

With a lot of beneficial courses related to computer we are also offer the complete course of free online earning which is completely home based. We teach you certain skills related to freelancing which help you to learn online. You became your own boss after learning these skills and run your own business by staying home.