What is Digital franchise post office (DFPO)?

Post digital franchise | Before discussing about the whole procedure to apply for the digital franchise post office (DFPO), I want you all people to know about this new program which is launched by collaboration of the Pakistan Post with the federal Minister of postal services of Pakistan, Murad Saeed for the aim to offer premium postal services to all customers.

With the changing technology with the time each company wants to change their company culture according to the need of time and the demand of the audience. We can see many companies who failed due to resisting the change. Many jobs now a day are being changed to online whether than offline.


This amazing new initiated program named “digital franchise post office (DFPO)” is a program where a proper system to do tracking, bookkeeping and shipping of each delivery item is followed. It has started its digital franchise’s services in whole Pakistan through different cities at huge level. According to some sources, this program will ease the franchise owners by different digital features.

Some of them are mentioned below:

What are the main benefits of Digital Franchise Post Office (DFPO)?

·         Quality of service:

They produce excellent service quality compared to any other private courier services providers at very lower prices. It is faster than the entire currently courier services in Pakistan. So, if you are in hurry at any emergency situations you can use the urgent feature of this Digital franchise post office program.

·         Digital booking:

Each of digital franchise will be operated upon different unique barcode labels to easily track, bill and identify the customers all over the country. You will put that barcode (which is different for each of the delivery item) and you will see the history details related to that item from the history.

·         Mail transport:

PPFLD provides mail pickup through a digital platform of computer-aided dispatch (COD) for transferring mail and parcels to their respective cities.                    

·         Sorting:

This uses advanced sorting technics for seamless experience no matter what locality or size is of the franchise. All documents or equipment related products will be sorted automatically after modern sorting system.

·         Track and Trace:

As we all know by its name that it is digitalize program thus all the products can be effectively and accurately tracked as well as traced at any time with tracking id. All customers will have clear visibility of their sent items at each time throughout the shipment journey.

·         Value added products and Services:

Pakistan post and Pakistan post foundation logistics Division (PPFLD) has increased the value of product and services which are delivered through the help of Digital Franchise Post Office locations.

Digital Franchise Post Office [DFPO] Terms and conditions:

·         Eligibility criteria for Franchise Owner:

i)      The one who applies must have a valid CNIC card of Pakistan.

ii)      He must abide all the terms and conditions written in this article.

iii)     He does need to be defaulter of any bank or any continuous investigation in the Police       department.

iv)    The franchisees must have to get themselves trained for franchise manager’s job by           getting franchise manager’s trainings or should hire a well-trained person for the job of       Franchise Manager.

·         Eligibility criteria for Franchise Manager:

i)       He must have good personality traits i.e. Presentable, smart, and pleasant personality.

ii)      They should have qualified of Matric at least. (Graduate would be preferred).

iii)     All genders are eligible for this program and they are encouraged to apply.

iv)     The manager should have excellent dealing skills

Note: There are also other terms and conditions which you can read by visiting: https://apply.dfpo.pk/ui/#/policy

How to apply for Digital Franchise Post Office (DFPO)?

1.      If you want to apply online for this program first visit Pakistan post’s official website by        clicking below image.         

Pakistan Post digital franchise program Apply Online

2.      Now you would see a form containing 4 parts and this first part is about franchise           owner details where you would require:

Owner name, CNIC, Mobile number, Mobile network, Email address, Gender, Province, City, Qualification, mailing address.

After filling this you must click Next Step> to open second part of the form.

3.   After completing first part of the form now you would be directed to second part where you will be asked to fill about Franchise Manager details. In this part you just need to click on MAP to navigate the DFPO location by Google Map but remember you can add up to maximum 3 DFPO locations.

4.  On third part of the form you will be asked again to fill the digital franchise post office location information but this time it would be in written form not by any map.

These include:

Franchise Name, shop availability, province, City, Latitude (you can get this on google), Longitude and mailing address.

After filling this all information on form, you need to click Add location to complete the third part of the form.

5.  Now you would be directed to the fourth part of the form which is about Application Confirmation. Here you will see all the details you provided at just a single page whether it was about the owner’s details and the manager’s details.

There at the end of that page, you must solemnly hereby confirm all the policies and given terms & conditions of this Digital Franchise Post Office program by clicking two unticked boxes.

Note: If you find anything incorrect information filled by you at the last part of the form, you can again correct that information by clicking Previous tab at left lower corner of the fourth part of the application form.

6.  Now you will see Application confirmation page. In this page you will be told that your application for this Digital Franchise Post Office program has been successfully submitted and your application status will be soon shared with you through SMS.

     I hope this detailed guide has helped you a lot to apply for this program. We only share all the information after doing all the research about that topic so keep visiting our website: https://www.pk24jobs.com for more new opportunities and information.