Jazz Products and Services

Jazz is the best 4G Company with providing number of services all over the Pakistan. From daily to monthly, from internet to call bundles it is reliable to all types of its customers.  This page will tell you complete detail about the products and services of jazz subscription and Jazz unsub all packages. FNF Advance offer activation code is *1112# loan up to 5.  Subscription code is 1 service charge. Doosra Balance. Dial *869# for activation charges are Rs 1.2 per retrieval. 

Jazz Products and Services - PK24JOBS
Jazz Products and Services - PK24JOBS

Zero Balance Call Activation code is *600# with Rs 7.15/week.
  Dial *600# & follow instructions to unsubscribe. My Status Dial SUB to 6525 Weekly and UNSUB to 6525 0.99/day. Youth Central dial sub to 6262 in Rs 1.42/day and message unsub to 6262.  For Jazz Advance dial *112*4# in Rs 4.18+Tex per advance to unsub*112*4#. Get weekly alerts of jobs with Jazz Rozgar sms and write Sub to 3712 in Rs 7.15/week and to Unsub sms to 3711. For Jazz My Email dial *743# in Rs 2.99/week for unsub dial*743*4#. Get Jazz Power Tools in Rs 2.99+tex/week for alerts. To unsub in Rs 2.99+tex/sms send the respective keyword to 7070. 

Jazz Menu sms LIST to 6611 and to unsub Free Unsub to 6611. Job Alerts write Sub and send to 5622 in Rs 1.42/day Unsub to 5622. For Double Up Number Dial 4030 and press 1 in Rs 1.44/day Dial 4030 and press 0 in Rs 0.60 per sms, 0.72/30sec.  Jazz Educator write Sub to 5371 in Rs 7.15/week. To Unsub send sms to 5371. Call and sms block service dial *420# in Rs 0.99/day to unsub dial*420#.  You can send money easily by Jazz Share *100*9230XXXXXXXX*amount# in Rs 5.70 per tax. Conference Call dial*188# for Free dial *188*1# to unsub. Auto Reply Dial 7071 in Rs 7.14/week Dial *7071# to unsub. Beep Call SUB to 5188 in 0.05+tex/Beep UNSUB to 5. Notify Me dial *6528# get in Rs 0.78+tax to unsub *6528*1#. Jazz Alerts in Rs 0.72 per opt in. SMS to 6080 is free. End of Call Notification dial *122# 1.08/day to unsub *122*4#. SMS Delivery Receipt SUB to 2742 in Rs 17.92/month. To UNSUB to 2742. Missed Call Alerts *180# in Rs 1.25+tex/day to unsub*180*1#. Jazz Tag dial *642# to Unsub to 6425 0.6/min. Bakhabar Kissan Dial 03030300000 1/day Unsub to 03030300000.