NJP National Jobs Portal 

What is NJP (Nation Job Portal)?

NJP National Job Portal is introduced as the new initiative by the government of Pakistan. The aim of this Pakistan’s government is to provide the opportunity for the people of Pakistan to empower themselves by getting huge number of jobs in public sector of Pakistan. The vision idea is coming from the aim Digital transformation of Pakistan. In this new portal you will be able to find your desired jobs categorically (by fields of experience, BPs, or grade) to apply them and get succeeded without waiting sad at home for the job. The main point to be noted in this initiative provided by government of Pakistan is that you will get jobs on merit basis, yes you will get the job what you are capable of in your life. People all over the country are instructed by government to make profile on this portal and upload your professional CV which will represent you and your past experience.

How to create account on NJP (Nation Job Portal)?

To create account on National Job Portal (NJP), you will mainly follow these steps thoroughly:

How to create account on NJP (Nation Job Portal)

·         Register your account:

First of all, you have to register on this portal by these steps:

Step 1: Go to official website of this portal by this given link: www.njp.gov.pk

Step 2: Now click on Sign up button which is shown on left upper side of the website page like highlighted in this picture below.

NJP Account Registration

Step 4: Once done previous step, now fill up the shown form which will be appeared when you will click the sign-up button.

You will be asked your Account type, CNIC (with dashes), Email, Password to make a account on this portal.

NJP Account Registration

Step 5: Now again go to same website but now click on SIGN IN button, a pop will be displayed like this. You have to enter your CNIC, email Id and your password which you have created while in Step 4.

NJP National Job Portal Login

Step 6:

Activate your Account:

You will go to your email and there will be a new message from National Job portal team and in that message there would an invitation link too. You have to click on that provided link and your account will be activated against your provided data and information.

This is the simple process by which you will make the account on the National Job Portal.


How to complete profile on NJP (Nation Job Portal)?

To complete profile on NJP, you have to first log in to your account by the details of your username, CNIC and password. Once done with this, now go to profile section where there would be a form of your personal information which you can include but must remember you have to include whatever you are expert at. Not, to put all of the information which you do not even know.

Your skills also play an important role here if your communication skill is good then you are going to probably win from other applying students.


How to make CV on Nation Job Portal (NJP)?

To make CV on National job portal you have to go to “CV MANAGER” section first which is visible on left upper side of the website.

These are the things which you will be asked about your CV.

  • Personal information
  • Training and certifications
  • Your address information
  • Your education backgrounds
  • Your previous experience in any field
  • Skills and their level
  • Your work experiences

Info about Languages you know and their proficiency.

Note: You will also be asked for your own picture to upload there. You can re edit your educational details as well as your own mobile number will be asked too.

How to apply for job on NJP (Nation Job Portal)?

Applying for any job is so simple and easy when you will go to job section or search any job by searching, or clicking directly on Bps scall, you will see many of jobs will be there with their job description and the tag aside too. So, click the tag “APPLY NOW” on the job in which you are most interested in.


·         It means this will indicate that, is this job contract based or permanent based?

·         It includes all the information regarding the job for which you are applying.

·         Job description will make it clear that what is the criteria on which you can apply.

·         This will indicate the type of job as well. You can use filter to search by salary.

This is the complete method by which you can apply to any kind of job at any time by following all the steps given above.


NOTE: If you like to understand all of the process by the video content, you can surely watch all the discussed steps on this given video.