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Today in this article I am going to share (LinkCollider) all of you a renowned platform which is really a need for each of the person who wants to earn money online. If you are a student, businessman or you are a housewife and wants to earn online or you want to work on any social media platform then you can’t deny the importance and benefits of the platform which today I am going to share with you all.

What is link collider?

In today’s article which platform I want to tell you about is LinkCollider. May be many of you already know this platform but today I will elaborate this with deep details that what is this linkcollider and how does it work.

What are the benefits of this Linkcollider platform?

There are mainly two things which happen by this LinkCollider.

  1. You can promote your business.
  2. You can earn handsome amount of money by using LinkCollider.

These are the two things which you can do on this platform. For instance, you work on Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, or you work on Ticktok or other social media platform then using LinkCollider would be so much beneficial for you all. However, if you don’t use any of these social media platforms mentioned above and don’t have any account on any of these you can still make money by using this famous platform to earn money by LinkCollider.

How to do Linkcollider Earning

If you are a Blogger and have your website no matter if you are earning from those or not this is a separate subject to discuss but by using this social media advertising platform

  • You can make backlinks for your Blogger website.
  • You can also get authentic clicks on your blogger too.
  • You can do the search engine optimization CEO of your website too.
  • You also get the same features of many paid software of SEO here.
  • You can buy guest post for your website by using LinkCollider.
  • This means this software can significantly help you to get the rank of your website and do good search engine optimization along with generating backlinks for your website too.
  • If you are a YouTuber, this platform will surely help you get the most views, likes, and watch time.
  • If you are the owner of any Facebook page, Facebook group then you can also get the followers for your Facebook page.
  • If you have any Tick Tok profile, you can surely get views, likes, and engagement from the followers.
  • And if you don’t wants to work on any above-mentioned platforms. You can still make money online by giving the services which are mentioned above in the article on the platform called Fiverr or Upwork. Where people will order and get your services and hire on your gigs for worth dollars.

Is LinkCollider com legit?

Well, to be honest LinkCollider is 100% legit platform to get many services which are mentioned in previous paragraphs. This platform does not involve the user in any kind of mis happening or fraud. This platform can be used with full confidence to benefit from its amazing features.

How to use LinkCollider?

If you still think you have no skill to work on these platforms then you can sell YouTube subscribers, Facebook likes, Facebook followers if in case you don’t have a proper skill.

However, you can start working by the help of LinkCollider, by shortening the link length or you can say the URL shortener. I am recommending you this website because this website gives you highest earning rate compared to any other link shortener websites. You can also invite more people to earn by this method too which is quite easy and best way to learn by referrals.

When I tried this platform for the first time, I was literally shocked to see how one website can give lots of functionalities. It means this is important for every type of people including from student to a professional businessman.

How to create account on LinkCollider?

Step 1: First, go to the following link to make your account first:

Once you reach the home page of LinkCollider, you will see following page: Register free account


Step 2: You can simply register using your google account or with your Facebook login credentials. However, you can also make new account by the help of your entered nickname, email address and new password. Remember you will need to enter right captcha and You must tick the check box and then click on REGISTER.

Once you are done with the step number two, now you will get the NOTICE that your account has been made. So, log in by your account information.

Step 3: Now check your Gmail account, there would be an activation code send by this platform to ensure the safety of your account creation and your account will be showing as fully verified.

Step 4: When you will log in to your account, this interface would come ahead of you.

You must submit or attach your website or Facebook page with this website in order to get maximum advantage of the benefits of this platform of LinkCollider. Just follow the steps carefully for better results.


Free Social Media Advertising

Step 5: Now click to logo to go to home page. Once you reach home page, you will see this type of interface.


add website in linkcollider

As you can see in yellow highlighted area that this platform work based on cash of TOKENS. It means you will get YouTube subscribers, Facebook likes, Facebook followers, Tick Tok fame, clicks on your website or whatever the work you want but only based on Tokens. So, you must have tokens on this platform.

Linkcollider SEO Tools

LinkCollider SEO Tools

Backlink generator

This tool is used for making the different valuable backlinks for your business. You can make so many backlinks using this tool for your website.

Search engine submission

The purpose of this tool is to get your website attached to many well-known search engines. This will directly increase the number of viewers or visitors to your website. The more search engines have the path of your website, the more your website will be visible.


This LinkCollider helps the users to perform bookmarking. While bookmarking is the process of recording the address of a website or any kind of file to access it very easily in future.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is the most widely service performed by the individuals working online. This tool means when you do optimization job for your page but while being offline page. It is the process of submitting your website in right kind of category or web directory. So, this enables you to use feature of directory submission.

HTML format for SEO

You all know very well that HTML is the basic structure of any website. The coding which is done for the SEO is being widely used for optimization. SEO refers to search engine optimization, it means you can rank your website against your competitors by using html format for SEO or search engine optimization.

Keyword tools

There are many keyword tools. It means keyword tools help you to improve ideas of searching keywords which are very essential for your website or ultimately the article. This platform will give you lots of keyword tools which are so important for you.

Character counter

This tool will enable you to count number of characters in the pasted paragraph. This gives you exact number of characters counting which is so effective and efficient to use for any kind of purpose.

Link shorter

Here you will also get the tool where if you will paste any kind of URL or link and this tool will give the results in return with a shorter link which can be used and tracked that how many of the people have visited via your provided link.

Sitemap generator

Sitemap refers to the overall indexing structure of any website. For example, if anyone type anything and your website comes in the search results of Google. This is due to the right indexing mechanism provided by your website. So, use this sitemap tool so that Google can crawl at your website so perfectly and ultimately you will get so many visitors or viewers.

Plagiarism checker

You can check the plagiarism percentage of your pasted paragraph or article. This tool is so better than many online plagiarism detector websites.

Article rewriter

If you will paste any copied article in this tool’s section, you will be getting the same article with different uniqueness. So must try this tool of LinkCollider, if you are a daily uploader of content at your website and you do not have your enough time to write article by yourself.

Spintax tester/Compiler

This tool will compile the spintax which you have already composed for the purpose to view it before using it for yourself or for the client.

Article Spinner

You can spin any article or paragraph by this Article Spinner tool. Yes, article spinner tool will significantly change the whole structure, grammar, punctuations etc. so that your article may be used for commercial purposes without any extra effort.

PageRank checker 

You can check that, what is the rank of your website page compared to your competitors by using PageRank checker. Not only this but this linkCollider tool will also give you opportunity to improve your website by giving you different kind of suggestions.

Alexa checker 

You all may be already aware of Alexa. Yes, Alexa is a platform which ranks the websites according to the number of visitors. If your Alexa score is better than your competitor then it means you get more visitors daily, monthly, or yearly. You can try using this tool to check, what are the best sites for any category according to number of their visitors.

How would you get tokens?

There are three methods to earn tokens and these methods are so simple

1)  First way is that you can earn tokens on this website by doing some efforts.

2)    The second method is to earn tokens by making referrals

3)    The third and last way is to invest some of your money to get the tokens.

I am going to elaborate all methods, now it depends upon you guys that whatever way you choose for yourself.

This way is recommended to only those who has their own business, have their own website, Facebook page, Instagram id, any blog, or any YouTube channel that they can promote their own business by this platform.

But if in case you don’t have any money, then don’t worry this website gives you 3 methods for you to earn the tokens

Earn by link shortner or URL shorter: Here if you get real 500 clicks on your short-made URL link, then you will get 1$ which is so good return if we compare with other link shortener websites.

Second method is You will go to MY AFFILIATES tab, and here you can earn by referring other peoples on this new and unique platform of LinkCollider. Any of your referral if invest some pennies here to promote his business, to generate backlinks for his website, buy traffic for his website or any kind of work he does her, you will always get 50% of money as a bonus which is very huge bonus which none of any other platform gives us.

The third method was about getting tokens through the help of investment. Yes, you will get tokens by investment and believe me you can earn money for the investment by offering the same services of this platform on huge Facebook groups where there are thousands of people searching for these types of services which you will get on LinkCollider.


To be honest this platform is so beneficial for all of us, and no one can deny it because of their services of all kinds of works. For example, if you have a blog, you will get 15 free SEO tools as well which will surely help bloggers to improve the performance of their website or blog.

I will surely be writing on each of the method of tools which are at this website to help you to use them efficiently and effectively.

For assistance you can watch our videos regarding LinkCollider.