How to make age calculator tool website on blogger

How to make age calculator tool website on blogger

How to make age calculator on Blogger Website. We will know all these things in this article related to make age calculator.

Nowadays blogging is at one level only. So in such a situation there are different departments in the blogging sector. So, one of the best is tool website. Many of my subscribers have asked me in the comment that how can we make age calculator tool websiteon Blogger / Blogspot Platform?

Let me tell you clearly that a different trend of Age Calculator is going on. So in such a situation, everyone wants to have their own age calculator tool. So in such a situation, I have explained in detail in this post how you can easily make age calculation tool.

What is Age Calculator Tool?

There are many new bloggers who have just entered the field of blogging. Which are they to do something new in this blogging industry? So in such a situation, all the people just want that everything should be different. So in such a situation a tool comes in the name of age calculator.

So many people do not know about this tool. So let me tell them, that with the help of Age calculator tool, we can easily find out our age. By the way, how old is the age and there are many ways to extract more information. But if you use this tool then you can find out your exact age in a pinch.

Create Age Calculator Tool in Blogger

Now I have told you some steps below. By following which you can easily make this age calculator tool in your blogger or blog for free. By the way, you find many tool websites related to this age calculator tool on the internet.

Most of the designs are different. So in such a situation, the tool I have provided to you below is completely unique. I have provided HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to make this tool below. And you have to follow all the steps.

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Step #1 – Download & Install Blogger Blank Template

I have provided Blank Blogger Template in below code box. Copy this code in go to blogger dashboard. Click on theme section, delete all code and now press ctrl+v for pasting new code.

Step #2 – Use JavaScript

So friends, now I have provided JavaScript code in the box below. You have to copy it. Now you have to go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Add a Gadget>HTML/JavaScript. You copied your code. Paste that code and do it.

Step #3 – Use CSS

Now you will also get some CSS Script below. So you also have to copy and paste it easily by following the above steps and save it.


Step #4 – Use HTML

Now I have given you some HTML scripts below and copy them and paste them by following the steps given above.

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