How to Delete Blog Permanently from Blogger


How to Delete Blog Permanently from Blogger

How to delete blogger account? Most of people asked about this question. Deleting / removing of blog account is very simple. Adopt following steps and delete blog in few seconds: -

Here are the steps to permanently delete your Blogger account.

1. Log in to Blogger

2. Go to Settings > Blogger Management section.

3. Next, you will find a screen like the one below (New Blogger interface)

remove blog

4. Before deleting a blog, you must first backup your data by selecting the list of backup content and saving it to your computer.

manage blog

5. After backing up the data, you can immediately press the Delete Blog button, a screen will appear below.

delete blog

6. If you change your mind, you can cancel the deletion within 90 days.

permanently delete blog

7. If you are sure to permanently delete the blog, you can select “Delete permanently” immediately.

For more information you can watch our video on this topic.

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