Studypool Online Earning

Studypool Online Earning

Studypool is online earing platform where you can sele your informational study material documents over internet. Now you can sell every kind of document you have no matter if it is the general notes you make during lectures, practice work you get for your home, your own made informational diary, practice quizzes, old exam guides or past papers or any kind of relevant document. Whatever you think might be informational and worth sharing could be sold very easily and in return you can earn money online very easily once any visitor makes any purchase from your submitted document.

What is Studypool

What is Studypool?

Studypool is the sell document service-based platform which helps the students to get material which could be helpful for them and in return it pays some portion of commission to the owner of document which generated the sale. No matter if you upload handwritten work on this platform or upload any other informational document which consists of your own language, this eco system of Studypool will be helpful for you guys and this is the reason I am sharing this valuable opportunity for all of you. The most useful feature of this platform is that this does not limit the uploader to only upload any specific categorized subject list of documents, but you can upload any kind of document and generate your income by the docs.

How does Studypool Work?

This sell document service works with a simple procedure first you as a resource person upload documents then those documents are then reviewed for their reliability, authenticity and validity and once the documents are verified and declared as valid, then all the visitors (mostly students) which consist almost 10 million which is very huge view your document and view your document or make purchase, you earn up to 10 dollars against that activity.

How does Studypool Work

What you need to do?

·         Step 1           

Make sure you have sign up by official website of Studypool.

·         Step 2

Upload the documents having any format but it is recommended that the file must be zip, pdf or docx.

·         Step 3

Check your balance frequently, because once anyone makes purchase any of your document, you will be get paid for that and it will be shown in your balance.

How to Make a Document on Studypool?

Creating a document is not a big deal, I am going to explain you how you will be creating a document file from your captured pictures or any kind of data which you want to upload on the platform of Studypool in order to earn money. So, if you don’t know to make it just follow these steps chronically.

·         Step 1: Go to Play Store on your android phone or if you have IOS device then go to their corresponding Store.

·       Step 2: Now search Camscanner application, you will see that a CS logo contained application having black and greenish icon over there. Download it in your cellphone.


·     Step 3: In this step, you need to capture all the images of your material no matter if these are your daily notes or any other informational document


·    Step 4: Use their feature of converting images into a single Pdf file. You will see once you select your document there would be the option of Pdf and your file will be converted within seconds and save it in your cellphone with a suitable relevant name.

Studypool Payment Methods

My advice to all of you is to keep uploading the informational documents and keep increasing your earning chances because the more you upload, the more your documents would be available for sale.

All the users can easily withdraw their total income easily from Studypool by using either PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, WesterUnion, ACH & Bank Deposit, Checks, or MPesa.

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