YouTube shorts viral tricks
YouTube shorts viral tricks

YouTube shorts viral tricks

YouTube shorts viral tricks is helping to people viral shorts on YouTube, as you know YouTube has recently announced a new feature in their video sharing system that now you can upload short videos on YouTube to earn money as a seller and similarly, now you can watch short videos as a viewer for the entertainment purposes.

We will guide you in this article that how you will make use of some sort of viral tricks which will eventually help you to rank your shorts videos and be viral at YouTube platform. To be very specific, now you can earn money as much as big channel holders just using short videos. So, follow our given instructions so you can make your YouTube short clips viral and earn huge amount of money.

For all of these purposes you will just need a smartphone and a internet connections so you can join the world level audience.

There maybe three questions arising in your mind related to YouTube shorts, and we will clearly give you brief answers for each of the following questions.

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts are the short term and short duration videos (the word shorts mean the small duration exciting videos) that are uploaded by the YouTubers to entertain the audience and in return the primary purpose is to generate income revenue for their self. YouTube shorts are the maximum 60 seconds short videos that a youtuber uploads which goes to enormous amount of audience which is ready to watch it for any purposes like entertainment.

So, these are for those artists who are more creative to make short duration videos based on their skill to attract more viewers as possible. These shorts can be made of any category for example sports, movie clips, dance videos, or any other entertainment-based videos. This is being popular method to earn money online because it is easier and there is no strict policy to qualify before earning the money in dollars. You should give it a try if you are a YouTuber, some people have made this a full-time job so from this you can make judgement that how much revenue potential this type of business has for all the new or old Youtubers in the world who are struggling to generate income for themselves and their family. Today I will guide you in this article and let you know all about YouTube shorts.

 How to make YouTube shorts?

These YouTube shorts making tools are available for entire world so everyone can make use of it. So, follow these instructions to be able to earn money online 2022 by making YouTube shorts.

1.    Please sign in your YouTube channel with your corresponding email and password.

2.    Tap the PLUS + button and then click on create a short.

3.    Now choose the duration of the video according to your own preferences.

HINT: The shorter in duration the videos would be, the more it would be viewed so make sure your video is below 60 seconds.

4.    Now click on the circle button which is called capture button. You can tap it once and the recording will be started and then tap it when you want to end it, or you just must hold it until you can record the video.

5.    Click on NEXT so you can add all the required details in your YouTube short video like video a title which should consist maximum 100 characters.

6.    In this step, you will be required to select your audience and also you can set the privacy of video for example to allow only elders to watch it and vice versa. So this is how you can private or public video according to your choice.

7.    Finally, your short video is ready to be published so now you can tab upload video and it will be visible to your subscribers as well as other new audience throughout the world.


·         You can use redo button if you want to go to previous video

·         You can click on X Icon, and it will save your video as draft so you can upload it again whenever you want to upload it because many prefer to upload on daytime rather night. Also, you can press it if you want to record your video again from the starting.

·         You may click on tick icon, and this will enable you to review your video or enhance your YouTube video which you have recorded.


How to earn from YouTube shorts?

YouTube short videos generate huge amount of revenue, and the reason is that at first it was based on number of ads that your viewers clicked on so youtubers were able to make money by YouTube, but they have changed their policy and now you can earn money by making YouTube shorts according to numbers of views on your video.

Yes, YouTube has decided the YouTube shorts Fund (YSF) which is 100 million dollars which is shared among all the YouTube shorts video makers every single month. So, the trick is simple, you must increase your number of views so you can generate high income from your YouTube shorts.

Here are some tricks

1.  Make sure your YouTube short have attracting thumbnail which makes your viewer or visitor look interesting to watch so he will come to see your video, and this is how you will generate more and more money.

2.    Make sure you upload short but interesting videos on your YouTube.

3.    As we all know that YouTube short videos can be uploaded no matter if you have not yet passed their policy criteria, so do not care for duration of your video just make sure it should be relevant to your viewer’s interest.

4.    Make use of every tool for video effects and sound selection but make sure your music should not be a already copyrighted by someone else already.

5.    You should do follow proper SEO for your shorts or videos by deciding famous keywords and implementing these in your title and tags sections so you can be in recommended list of YouTube.

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