How to make trust wallet account in Pakistan


What is trust wallet?

Trust wallet is a wallet like the one you people use for your daily purchases, but the difference is that it is digital wallet which hold the cryptocurrencies. So, if you want to store, save or to earn your cryptocurrencies in the safe wallet, then this article is for you to guide you about the best wallet option you should go for. Now cryptocurrency is a currency which is digitally trade and is medium of exchange and the value of cryptocurrencies always vary with the demand. However, #Trustwallet is best option for you and trust wallet app is made for the users so they can keep their digital coins or currencies safely. This is the first step to choose wallet before crypto trading. The best thing about Trust wallet is that you can store or keep all kind of cryptocurrencies in it. Although there are some other digital wallets too for instance Blockchain and Coinbase but these all-support limited types of crypto currencies. Most of the time you see all other digital wallets irritates customers with their hard and time taking account creation processes, but this trust wallet is easy to make and easy to use.

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How to make trust wallet account in Pakistan?

Trust wallet Account creation

Trust wallet Account creation:

The account creation process for #trustwalletapp is very easy. You must just follow only three steps to make trust wallet account and get trust wallet login. There is an app named as Trust wallet in Google Play store (You can also use the trust wallet pc as well).

Step 1:

# Visit Google Play Store app on your android smartphone and search for “Trust:  Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet”.

# When you will finish installation process now open trust wallet app. You will see a button named as CREATE A NEW WALLET, press it and you will get new window shown as “Backup your wallet now” also there will be a message that in next step you will be getting a 12 words security key or pin which will help you for recovery of your account if in case you forget your account login credentials because this the key which is also called login key, private key, security key. So, save it somewhere from where you can get easily in future. However, if you forgot your key, you will all your digital balance within the wallet trust.

Tick the undertaking box below which warn you the same as discussed above and press continue.

Step 2:

In this step, copy all the twelve words which are shown in that page also you can take screenshot of it too for future use. Similarly, you can also write it down on any page and keep it to yourself.

Remember, you will need to maintain the same sequence otherwise you will be able to get trouble in login or recovery process. After saving the code press continue again.

Step 3:

Now you will reach on a new page which is “Verify Recovery Phrase”. In this step you as a user must rearrange all the 12 words in the same order as it was given on earlier step. To do this, you have to click it sequence wise.

If you will click wrong sequence wise, it will show as invalid order, try again. You can go by back button click and again read and then choose right order.

If you are successful to select right order, you will get a message as Well done. Now click done.

You will be shown as your wallet was successfully created.

So, these were the three easy steps to create account of trust crypto wallet.


Note: The pin (also known as security key) you get or choose for this wallet should not be forgotten as it is the only thing which is going to help you for login because you cannot use your name, mobile number, Gmail or CNIC for login purposes.


Trust wallet app Download

Trust wallet app Download:

In order to download the trust wallets, kindly visit Google Play Store app on your android smartphone and search for “Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet”.

You will see a logo containing a shield type logo with blue outer line.

Click on it and wait for it to be downloaded the #trustcryptowallet into your smartphone.

Here it is you have successfully downloaded one of the most trusted digital wallet for yourself.


Trust wallet account creation:

Many of you may be thinking that it might be very difficult to make account of Trust wallet but to be honest it is easier than any other cryptocurrency wallets in the world. The account creation process starts with opening the application of trust wallet and making account by my detailed process as discussed with all three steps above. However, after login you will see four cryptocurrencies’ options on the dashboard named as bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and smart chain but you can also add so many more cryptocurrency digital currencies in it by pressing top right-side button and there will be all coins available, and you can add them by pressing on/off button there to move them to home screen or dashboard so that all your digital coins be at your on sight when you open the trust wallet application. You can see general current market rate and your balance there by pressing any coin. Also, you can see three buttons as SEND (If you want to send anyone the digital coin by writing the receiver’s address and amount), RECEIVE (If you want to receive digital coins from anyone by sending them provided QR code or your own #trustwallets address) AND COPY (If you want to send anyone the address).


Trust wallet login

Trust wallet login:

Trust wallet login is so simple you firstly need to open the #trustwalletlogin page and then choose I have a wallet once you do it next step is to tap or press on Multi Coin Wallet. Now write the recovery phrase or you can say the all the 12 words, you must put it on correct order and then click on Import, you will get a message as “Your wallet was successfully imported. This is how you will login to your digital trust wallet every single time.


Trust wallet for pc

Trust wallet for pc:

Yes, there is also trust compatible with pc or personal computer. You can use the website of trust wallet in order to carry out your trading decisions at your fingertips. This feature was enabled for the persons who do not have cellphone or the people who spend more of their time on computer or laptop compared to smartphones. Trust wallet is available for the PC and you can easily download it too.

Trust wallet for windows 10

Trust wallet for windows 10:

If we talk about the trust wallet that if is it available and compatible for windows 10? Then the answer would simply be yes. It would be wrong if we say so many people use the trust wallet for earning or saving money having windows 10 installed on their computer or laptops. I will also suggest you to must have active look at your wallet if you have taken the crypto currency trading as your full-time job.

How to use trust wallet for Binance

How to use trust wallet for Binance?

You all must be aware about the fact that Binance is a one of the biggest platforms for the traders all over the world. Having said that, it is also essential for the traders to have a reliable wallet which can be used not just for storing all types of the cryptocurrencies earned by trading. So, today I will be telling you about about trust wallet and the correlation of importance between trust wallet and Binance so they both can be utilized efficiently & effectively. Actually, the important thing to note here is that trust wallet is not in actual scenario connected to Binance rather it is usually connected to Binance smart Chain which is also famous as “BNB chain”. Binance trust wallet is good combination to work on for long term profits and savings.

If you make a choice to send any funds from Binance to Trust wallet app, you should take care about the address is relevant.

Steps you should follow in both of the platforms (Binance and trust wallet):

1- Make account of Trust wallet as I have guided above.

2- Find you Binance smart chain address by clicking SMART CHAIN copying from there or you can also get QR code as well.

3- Using that address you can get tokens by using trust wallet binance.

This is how you can send and receive the cryptocurrency coins to your trust wallet so easily no matter if your intention is to save, trade, or exchange for profit.

Note: There is also a fee which you need to pay in order to make your transaction successful.


I hope this article has helped you to get all the information related to Trust wallet, if so, keep visiting our website for more information about latest digital products.

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