How to make money as a blogger? – Blogging - PK24JOBS.
 How to make money as a blogger? – Blogging - PK24JOBS.

 How to make money as a blogger? – Blogging.


How to make money as a blogger is a question often asked by the people and in this article, I will be discussing with you the best methods and ways to make money online as a blogger working from home as a blogger. Make sure to read it till the end for the best practices and info.


If you want to know what is blogging or need basic info about this topic then consider reading our detailed guide on What Is Blogging? If you want to learn blogging from A-Z then make sure to check our free Blogger Course and also subscribe our Youtube Channel for Online Earning Legit Methods and other variety of courses.


Back to the topic, in this article we will be discussing all of the possible methods of earning from Blogging. If you will have queries make sure to ask them in the comment section.


Methods Of Earning From Blogging:


Below are the all possible methods of earning from the blogging:

·        ADS

·        Sponsorships

·        B2B banners

·        Affiliate Marketing

·        Services

·        Product Selling

·        Promotions


Now let’s get into the details of all the methods stated above.



         The most basic and common source of earning form a blog is by displaying ads on your blog. For displaying ads on your blog, you can look forward to the Google Adsense (one of the most widely used ads network in the world), Ezoic and much more. The basic payment algorithm followed by almost all of the ads network is the CPC and CPM.


          CPC is the abbreviation of the cost per click. It states the amount that you will be earning when someone click the ad on the blog or website. The other payment pattern followed is the CPM. It is the abbreviation of the cost per 1000 impressions. It indicates the amount that you will be earning on the 1000 impressions or in other words, the amount that you will be earning on the 1000 views on your blog will be decided by your blog or web’s CPM.


          To get started to earn by displaying ads on your blog, every ad network has its own requirements to approve a blog. Make sure before applying to any ad network that your blog is complying with their requirements or not to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future in the form of rejection, etc.



                         The other and on of the easiest method to make money form blogging is by sponsorships. For this purpose, all you have to do is to make your blog enough worthy that people would like to sponsor with your blog.


                           Once you are done, you will start getting reached by the relevant people automatically and if it doesn’t happen then no worries, you can do it yourself as well. Write a great proposal and then mail them. Wait for their response and make sure to clear all of their doubts and queries as well.


B2B Banners:

                          B2B banners is defined as the banners made by the businesses to advertise and promote their brand. You have to reach the brands with a great proposal and get the banner for your blog to display on the main page and in return charge them accordingly to your blog or website’s traffic.


                          For this, you may need a good traffic flow on your blog and a good domain authority and rating as well. Before working on the B2B banners, make sure that you work on your blog enough hard that people love to pay you for displaying their brand’s banners on your blog.


                          Remember: Getting a banner from a business for once is not that much difficult, you have to work to make that business your permanent or repeating customer. Getting a banner and some amount for displaying the banner on your blog won’t make you much wealth so make sure to focus on providing a great experience to your customers as well.


Affiliate Marketing:

                                One of the most profitable as well as common and widely used method of earning money from blogging is the affiliate marketing. I am pretty much sure that you know a little bit about the affiliate marketing but If you don’t then don’t forget to check the article on Affiliate Marketing on PK24JOBS.


                                    In affiliate marketing, people usually work with the amazon affiliate (the biggest affiliate program in world). You may use the affiliate programs of other websites. Almost all of the service selling websites offer an affiliate program and affiliate marketing is a great source of the passive income as well.



                 Earning money from a blog isn’t about making money through ads only, if you are a digital service provider then making a blog can drive you a number of the customers as well.


                 Say, you are selling your courses. You can write a blog post on the courses you are offering and then make sure to give a shout out to your courses and give a call to buy them.


                 Making a website for your digital services won’t bring poor results to you and It is always advised as well to make sure to provide worthy information and value to your viewers to make them your customers.


Products Selling:

                             Why to sell and promote others products when you can sell your own products on your blog as well. The one of the best and my favorite way of making money from the blog is selling the physical products. You can make products relevant to your niche and then sell them on your blog.


                                Doing so will open the window of income for you and will add a new income source in your life. Doing so can be hard in the start but the results are worthy.



                     Everyone want to be famous and some want to be famous soon. The same is for the businesses as well. Some people love to pay to the websites for promoting them in the several ways. These may include the reviews, unboxing, giving them a shout out.


                        For this purpose, all you need is a good and stable position in your category. It is not that easy but not hard as well as long as you are willing to work seriously.



                    There are several ways to make money online as a blogger and these methods include displaying the ads or banners on your blog. But if you are a service provider or seller yourself, then consider selling your services. One of the best and profitable method to make from the blogging is the affiliate marketing.


If you think, there is another method to earn from a blog except of the methods mentioned above then comment me down to let me and others know.