What is blogging? - Blogging for beginners - PK24JOBS
What is blogging? - Blogging for beginners - PK24JOBS

What is Blogging? - Everything About Blogging. 

Do you want to know what is blogging? Blogging is one of the fields that can be a source of your passive income. Blogging is among those businesses that are based from home and can also be a permanent source of income as well. 

In this article, we will be discussing what is blogging and all of the terms, queries, and confusion will be cleared by the end of this article whether you are a total beginner or know nothing about blogging as well. At the end of this article, You will have clear concepts about blogging, so let’s get started and also make sure to subscribe to our youtube Channel IT4ALL.

How We Define Blogging?

We can define blogging as: “ You make a blog (website) on a specific niche (category) and then write content in the form of articles and publish them on the blog and when those articles will rank in google search, you will get traffic to your blog and thus you will make money (By ADS, Product Sales, Services or Affiliate Marketing. . It might seem confusing now but till the end of the article, everything will be crystal clear.

Now let’s discuss some of the terms related to blogging:

  • Blog

  • Blog Post (Articles) 

  • Traffic 

  • Niche


          A blog is a content-based website, in other words, you can say that blog is a website where you write and publish your articles and those articles can be read by anyone on your website. 

Blog Post:

                    Blog posts and articles are the same terms that are used interchangeably. A blog post or article contains the content in the written form that will be published on the blog.


             The term traffic indicates the views or your website visits and the more the traffic, the more the revenue. 


            In technical terms, the category of the website is called the Niche. For suppose, your blog contains articles on Health, your blog niche is Health.

All the related terms are explained but if you still have any confusion then plz do ask them in the comments.

How Do We Earn From Blogging?

You can earn money from blogging in many ways. Some of them are as below:

  • Displaying ADS

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Services

  • Sales

Displaying Ads:

The most widely used and common method of earning money from the blog is by displaying ads. Many companies who want to promote themselves go to the ads displaying service providers and pay them for showing their ads and then those companies display those ads on the blogs, forums, or websites of their publishers. 

One of the best and most reliable ad networks is Google Adsense and some of the premium ad networks are Ezoic, Media.net, and much more.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the primary sources of generating income from the Blog is affiliate marketing. You take part in the affiliate programs of many companies and promote their products and whenever someone buys those products from your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

The best affiliate marketing platform is Amazon where most of the affiliate marketing is done.

Service Providing:

If you are a service provider, you can also promote your services on your blog, and in this way, you will be able to capture a new audience and new customers who can also be your permanent ones.


If you have your own product, then you can promote it on your blog, and in this way, you will be able to generate revenue from the sales.

How To Increase Blog Income?

The answer is simple, by Increasing your blog traffic. In other words, the more traffic your blog will have the more revenue you will be generating. For example, you make money from ads, the more traffic you will have, the more ad viewers will there be and thus you will be making more and more money. The same applies to the other earning methods as well. If you have more traffic, you will have the chance of more affiliate sales, more service buyers, or more customers of your products. 

Best Platform To Learn Blogging:

If you want to learn to blog, then you can go to our youtube channel IT4ALL, and there you will find the complete blogging course from scratch to the first payment. You can also stay connected with our blog PK24JOBS for a blogging course as well.


In blogging, you will make a blog and then publish content on the blog and the traffic that you will be driving to your blog will be making money for you through ads, sales, or services. Blogging is the easiest method that is the source of passive income and if you want to learn complete blogging, stay connected with us.