How to Earn Money online from Blogger and WordPress  Earn Money Through blogging in Pakistan 2023

How to Earn Money online from Blogger and WordPress | Earn Money Through blogging in Pakistan 2023

In this article, I will talk about What is blogging and how to make money through article writing? What are the requirements we need to become a blogger or content writer?

To become a blogger or content writer you must have a basic understanding of your preferred language according to AdSense policies, Knowledge about Blogger and WordPress platforms, and a basic understanding of What is Domain and Hosting?

What is a Blog or Website?

A Blog or Website is a regularly updated website, typically one run by an individual or small team, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Domain VS Hosting

A domain name is a string of characters that identifies a website. It is what users type in their browsers to visit your site. [e.g. Namecheap, Google Domains, GoDaddy]

Web hosting is a service that provides space on a server for your website files, allowing them to be available on the internet. [e.g. Bluehost, Hostinger, GoDaddy]

Blogger VS WordPress Platforms:

What is a Blogger platform and How to earn money through a blogger platform?

Blogger is an online content management system from Google that allows you to create a website for free. Apart from this it also provides you with a free domain and hosting.

Blogger provides you with a complete interface that allows you to write and organize articles and add images. It also provides you with a free SSL certificate.

You can create your website using this platform and advertise on your website after getting approval from Google AdSense, from which you can earn money later.

Note: If you work on Blogger by buying a domain, it will be considered much better.

What is a WordPress platform and How to earn money through WordPress?

WordPress is also a CMS like Blogger which comes with some advanced options. But this platform is not free. Here you have to buy a domain and hosting.

You may also need to purchase plugins and themes. But it is a better platform than Blogger because it comes with more features.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we earn money through a blogger website or domain?

Yes, of course, you can earn money through the website.

How much money we can make through the blogger website?

It depends on the traffic and popularity of your website as well as your content type for example; if your website is related to news and educational type then the money you earned from ads is less compared to health and product-related blogs or websites. It depends on the CPC (cost per click) And also from which country your traffic is coming.

How much traffic do we need to earn $100 in a month?

It depends on the type of content as well as your website traffic [e.g. educational blog, news website, digital products etc.]. In short, if you have an education blog and get 400k traffic every month then you can easily make $100 every month. And again, it depends on the type of your content and traffic sources.

Does WordPress provide free hosting?

Yes, but it is not recommended for bloggers as it has limitations.

Does WordPress provide a free domain and what is its extension?

Yes, it provides a free domain and its extension is

Can we get Google AdSense approval using the WordPress platform?

Yes, you can but you have to follow Google AdSense policies.

Can you give me some website ideas?

Yes, here is a list of some websites:

Educations Blogs [e.g. Mathematics, Science, English Compositions and Essay Writing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.]

Health Blogs [e.g. Personal Health Care, Body Building, Nutritional Blogs etc.]

Tech Blogs [e.g. Technology News, Mobile gadgets, Computers and Laptop etc.]

Fashion Blogs [e.g. Luxury Fashion, specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, etc.]

Cooking Websites [e.g. Recipes, Food/Restaurant Review etc.]

Personal finance blogs [e.g. Saving, Loan, Income Management etc.]

Sports blogs [e.g. player profile pieces, team information, and other related sports stories etc.]

What is Google AdSense Program and why it is necessary?

Google AdSense is an Ad Network platform that provides a variety of Ads Formats and After getting approval from Google AdSense, you can advertise on your website and earn money from it.