How to make money online from easy load and bill payment

How to make money online from easy load and bill payment?

Hello! If you are looking for the best way to earn money online just with help of doing simple tasks, then you have reached at right place. In most of the cases when you buy something from any grocery store on credit bases then mostly you forget those payments to be repaid. So, today we will tell you an application which not only will resolve this issue, but you will also be able to earn money online in 2023. This application can be life changing for you specially if you are looking for easy and comfortable way to make money digitally. The benefit of earning money digitally is that your passive money earning keeps coming even if you are sleeping because once you have done hard work then you just need to relax and enjoy the real earning.

Introduction of the application:

The name of the application is Udhaar app, and if in case you have any kind of own shop and you want to keep record of your shop and all the calculations this application would be very helpful for you or even if you don’t have shop you can still earn money online by inviting the new peoples and this application will give you commission each time your referral makes use of this application for any transaction.

By creating your account which is so simple, you would be able to keep your transaction records in your own pocket, because you have opportunity to just open this digital khaata anywhere in Pakistan. However, you can get commission any time whenever you want just on paying your bill or making a transaction of any load which can be said easy load.

For example, if your customer has bought anything of worth 500 then another second day 200 rupees, then you as shop owner and the customers can also get notifications regarding your payment or remaining balance too.

But today, we will discuss that how you will be able to earn money through this application by making easy load or bill payment. So, I will surely suggest you for this new great application to at least try and then I am sure you will be also become fan of the concept upon which this application runs. Following down is the complete method that how to install an account and how you can make money online using this new application for free without any hurdle or difficulty.

How to install Udhaap book app and make an account? 

(Follow the steps)

Step 1: Install the application by visiting the Google Play Store and search for “Udhaar book.”

Step 2: Click on sign up option and create an account against your personal credentials.

Step 3: On step number three you will need to type the Pin which is sent to you by Udhaar app.

Step 4: Log in now by inserting your username and password.

Step 5: Enjoy all the features of the application by exploring different tabs.


How to earn money by using Udhaar app?

 (Easylaad, Recharge, and Bill payment feature and method for earning source)


Step 6: Visit the “Easyload” option and there you can see “Easyload bechein” option, kindly click it and it will automatically give you option to generate 4 digit pin for you.

Step 7: After deciding the pin code, you should put your shop location there if you have any shop.

Step 8: You can insert the funds or payments into your account from many platforms like EASYPAiSA, JAZZCASH, or any other bank account by requesting, then confirm it by putting or inserting you own OTP code there and suddenly a pop up of notification regarding fund confirmation will be sent to you instantly.

Step 9: Now you can make money online at this stage by selling easyload to any network in Pakistan. Each time you send load to your customer you will get a commission on this task or activity and the commission would be 2.5% which is very good percentage.                                                                                                     

Udhaar App’s (Inviting others method for earning source):

 Yes, you heard it write that you would also be earning the money even if you suggested about this application to one of your friends who is interested in opening Easy load shop, and if he opens account through your given link, you will be getting the commission on daily basis because his shop will be generating the loads every day in multiple times.

How to invite someone for Udhaar book app?

·        First of all, you will need to click on “pese kamain” option which will be visible to you at your home page.

·        After this, you will need to click on “Share” and decide to whom you want to share the link. Note that the more you will send to different peoples the more chances or sources you will get to earn money online through Udhaar book app.

·        You can also share the link which you copied to your social media platforms so all of your online friends can also see and join the udhaar application and you can create more money digitally.

·        Note that you can also share the link with your WhatsApp.

·        If we talk about that how much you will be getting on each time any friend download and join the Udhaar book app, then let me tell you that you will get Rs. 20/- on every referral.



Here is the link to download the application:


Download App from here



So, as you have seen I have tried my best to inform or guide you in simplest way about this new trending way that how you can earn money online through this amazing application, so now don’t wait for the right moment but in opposition to it, make any moment of opportunity and make it you right decision. If you still have any kind of question or any type of query, you can surely ask and we will provide you with the best possible answer. Keep visiting and keep sharing this article with your friends as soon as possible.

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