List of top best Computer Courses after Matric in Pakistan 2023 | Computer Diploma and Certificates Programs for FA and FSc Students

List of top best Computer Courses after Matric in Pakistan 2023 | Computer Diploma and Certificates Programs for FA and FSc Students

In this article, I will explain to you that If you are a Matric or FA, FSc, ICS pass student and want to do Computer Diploma. So, in this article, I will tell you which computer course you should take which is in high demand nowadays.

No one can deny the importance and usefulness of any of the computer courses we are talking about here.

Where should you start?

Well, there are many computer courses available for matric and intermediate pass students and all have their benefits but through this article, I am going to tell you about one of the best computer courses which are graphic designing.

Graphic design courses are in high demand these days. Graphic designing is in so much demand these days that you cannot imagine.

If you want to become a web developer, then designing the web requires graphics that you have to work with the help of Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW.

Similarly, the mobile apps you use are designed using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. Because these are the software that you use to design clip art, logos, etc.

Similarly, to become a good video editor or animator you need to know graphic design as they also use graphics.

Even graphics are used in every field of computer, whether you are talking about designing a book cover, but also in newspapers, magazines, banners, advertisements, 2D animation and 3D animation.

What should we learn after learning graphic design?

The second most in-demand computer field is video editing. Because today is the age of video everyone likes to watch videos whether it is funny clips or educational videos.

YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, who don't know about them are all video platforms.

Now when it comes to making and watching videos, there is a need for video editors for mixing or editing them.

We can say that the next field after graphic designing is video editing. So here are two computer fields you can easily go into after passing matric or FA, FSc, and ICS.

Note: Apart from these, there are many computer fields like Computer Programming, Software development, Android app development, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data etc. but these fields demand higher degrees.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Graphic?

Anything you see in a printed form other than text is called graphics.

What software is available for graphic designing?

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW etc.

What software is available for video editing?

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, PowerDirector, Camtasia, Adobe After Effects etc.

Which software would be best to use to learn graphic design?

CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop

Which software is used for Urdu typing?

InPage Urdu

Can you suggest me a YouTube channel where I can learn graphic design?

Yes, here is a link: