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Welcome to pk24jobs’ Digital store, I hope you guys would be fit and fine. The good news is that now you will get all the valuable digital products at a very cheaper price at one central place. We provide multiple types of digital products including domain and hosting, Blogger related services, many SEO related tools and many other products which can ease your day to day related jobs or activities so smoothly. This is the era of latest technological advancements, and you cannot ignore the worth of these kind of digital assets so I hope we will be able to provide you with affordable valuable digital products. Here is I am explaining each of the section mentioned above with details below:


Buy domain and hosting

Buy Domain: As you all may be already well aware of the fact that in order to make any kind of website whether it is related to lifestyle or any other niche, you will firstly need to have a domain which is also referred to as the actual address of your website for the visitors to land on your website. When you buy the domain, it is mostly necessary to have a visa or master card to buy the domain from multiple platforms in Pakistan.

But don’t worry we will provide you the domain through JAZZCASH or EasyPaisa. So, if you need to buy the domain you will just need to contact us.

Buy Hosting: We provide the hosting of Hostinger at very affordable price. The hosting functions like a memory card of your website, as most of your files and content you want to share is stored in the hosting storage which you always buy from any hosting provider company.

      Hosting Features:

·        *    Unlimited bandwidth

·         *    Unlimited subdomains

·         *    Unlimited disk storage

·         *   Unlimited email accounts

·         *    Automatic backups

So, we will provide you with hosting services at very reasonable price compared to market and the best part is that our hosting service is famous for the speed of the website your visitors will get while accessing the files.


Buy Blogger services

1.   Make Blog

Now, you must have questions regarding blogger services but let me inform you that for instance you want to start blogging because you do not have investment for going for WordPress website, then Blogger is best option to opt.

Our services include:

* Making your Gmail account to make your full ready blog.

* Creating your Blogger account with all settings and details and creating blog catchy title, description, and meta descriptions.

* We will make ready custom themes or templates for you.

* Add tab, Sub Tab, Menu and Sub menu and drop-down menu too.

* We will handle Google Search Console and log in.

* We can publish your posts all with categories so your visitors can easily find relevant articles.

* Will make sure the front-end SEO is according to the Google policies.

* Add ‘contact us’ page which is very important for the monetization too.

* Add Facebook Page Plugin to Blogger also add social media icons of different social media channels of your business Blog.

* Make ‘about us’ page, ‘Disclaimer page’, ‘terms and conditions’ which include the article in it too.

* Providing you domain and hosting services, providing you the full service to make your Blog ready by your favorite themes choice.

* We can also provide you with content writing for your blog, we can provide service to promote your articles, we can also resolve any kind of issue you may have faced while making you Blogging career successful.

* We will also make sure you get Google AdSense approval successfully.

How to Make Blog - Urdu Tutorial

   Premium templates

We will provide you with thousands of premium Blogger templates which are google friendly which will help us to get Google AdSense easy and more quickly.

Also, those templates would be very premium in looks which will attract more visitors for your Blog or Website. This will help you to make website on any kind of niche like selling SEO tools website or providing articles website or for example you want to make website of any food related business, or you can get many templates if you want to make website for Apps and Games providing and get more attention by the help of our premium templates.

3.    AdSense buy and Sale

We provide the service that if in case you have already a Google AdSense approved websites, we can buy from you at the market price. Similarly, if you want to buy an already Google AdSense approved website you can buy from us by contacting us and we will provide you at affordable price. Similarly, we have also helped so many website owners to get their website approved by Google AdSense by helping them at a very affordable price of our service.

You can WhatsApp us too at this number


Also, if you are interested in learning the tips and tricks to get your website approved by Google AdSense then you can watch this complete video series to learn more:


Buy SEO and AI Tools

Most of the times you get confused that why your website is not getting the traffic even though you have considered and maintained every aspect of the website to look and run smoothly. But let me tell you that if your website is well created but there is lack of SEO techniques and tools used, then your website can not get high traffic so to help most of you we have came with some SEO tools which you can buy from us at a reasonable rate and increase your success rate.

1.    Jasper tool

Jasper tool which Is also known as Jarvis Ai tool is used for writing articles or copywriting articles for your website.  If you do not know how to write an article then this tool is really going to help you a lot. Trust me you will be surprised with the fact that this tool writes plagiarism free unique articles so easily and you can use it for your Blogg or website to earn profit. We will provide you this tool with very affordable price.  The payment will be through JAZZCASH or Easy paisa.


If you do not know how to use Jasper tool then you can also watch our course and it is very detailed course made by us to help you, following down is the link for the course free available on YouTube:

SEO tools

As you know after making any website the most important thing is to do SEO of that website because without SEO your website can not reach to the maximum number of people around the world who are looking for similar keywords that you want to rank your articles on to get traffic and earning from it. You can also get so many SEO tools based on demand we will provide you because if you want to buy directly from big agents, they charge higher taxes on visa or master card while we can provide all those same tools with cheap price because we buy those tools in bulk amount.

Some famous tool names include

Ahrefs, Google search console, Semrush, KW finder, Moz pro, Ubber-suggest and many more.

You can WhatsApp us too at this number