How to find information of AIOU tutor 2022 easily online?

How to find information of AIOU tutor 2022 easily online?

AIOU tutor information checking process is now not that much simple to find like as old traditional way on Allama Iqbal Open University’s student portal was easily before. However, the Allama Iqbal open university has changed all its system approach changed to get access of Allama Iqbal open university tutor information 2022, today in this article I will help you guys to easily understand step by step guide to know all the information related to your tutors like tutor name, contact number, study center, district, tehsil and much more you can check too.

In past there was no obligation to use any username and other registration related number to access tutor information, but it was easily accessible on main page of Allama Iqbal open university on click Tutor Information but now this new system requires some new further steps because with the passage of time Allama Iqbal open university has been changing its system for the betterment of students and their privacy, and this is why I am going to here make it easy for you all by providing you these easy 3 simple steps which you can follow to find information of AIOU tutor 2022 easily online.


Follow these simple and easy three steps to find or access the information related to your every subject AIOU tutors 2022:

Step 1:

Students would need to click this below link to visit AIOU system web page by clicking this given link below:

Note: You can also find it if you search on google the term “AIOU oracle people” and the first top website would be this which is given above)

Step 2:

Once you will complete the step number one you will be directed to a new page named by Allama Iqbal Open University “education for all”

There would also be a box containing User ID and Password.

aiou tutor 2022

§  You have to type your username and password but IF in case you don’t know your username and password then does not worry just put your registration number in the box of User ID.

§  In the place of password, you can put the last two letters of your name along with last 4 digits of your registration number.

§  Let the language be same as English and now click on Sign in button.

For Example: If my registration number is 02LMA0234 and my name is Fahad then the password would be AD0234.


Step 3:

§  Now you will reach at Allama Iqbal Open University’s main enrollment page and there would be so many options along with its icons like academic records, Profile, campus personal info, course registration, student’s service request, exam and grades and many more, but you only have to click on academic records only for getting information about your AIOU tutors 2022.

§  When you click on academic records, you will see there would be option available as My tutors.

§  Click on my tutor section and you will see a complete list of tutors would be there and you will get so much information related to your tutor like along with your tutor id there would be tutor name, contact number, study center, district, tehsil and much more.


How to Check AIOU Tutor 2022 (Watch Video)

This is how you can find your tutor information and send your assignment or projects easily without feeling any hassle by the help of your log in credentials and I hope this article will help you a lot to understand that how to find AIOU tutor 2022 easily. If this helped you this would be my request to kindly share this complete guide with your peers too so they can also understand about this new system technique to find your relevant tutors and their information and we also provide complete solutions of your every problems related to Allama Iqbal Open University assignments submission issues, tutor finding, solution of many assignments, and many more so my advice to you would be to visit this website to get yourself upgraded with all the latest information about Allama Iqbal Open University.


If in case you are still unable to find aiou tutor 2022 information even after following each and every step mentioned in chronical order then you would need to contact your corresponding regional office of Allama Iqbal Open university by both physically or on phone call and let them aware about your problem so they can fix it as soon as possible. Normally it does not happen but in rare cases you might face problem so this is why you will resolve your issues related to your learning management system (LMS) or any other issues related to the assignment submission, late submission or if sometimes students are declared as ineligible even if after following all terms and conditions.

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