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AIOU Assignments

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AIOU Examination

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AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University)

Welcome AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University page. The purpose of this page is to give you different type of page section titles and links related to Allama Iqbal Open University’ admission, exams guide, assignment guide and solution to finale exam guide and vice versa at one place. Yes, you heard right. Now you may be able to visit the section of your choice. Here I will try to elaborate each of the section along with their description that after visiting these sections you may save your time by not searching it on Google or anywhere else. So, there are mainly 4 SECTIONS which are mentioned below.

1.    1. AIOU Admission

2.    2. AIOU Assignments

3.    3. AIOU Examination

4.    4. AIOU Downloads


·         AIOU Admission

This is the section officially for the purpose of all the matter of things related to or limited to only for the admission related problems or difficulties of the students specially.

o   Prospectus: If you will click on this, you will be redirected to a separate page where you may find the prospectus of Allama Iqbal Open University. Prospectus refers to an official booklet or guidance book of any educational institute (here it is for AIOU only) where the rule and regulations, time table of the classes and events of Allama Iqbal Open University is clearly mentioned.

o   Admission: This page will land you directly to the page where all the process to get admission in Allama Iqbal Open University is clearly mentioned. However, that process includes the criteria to apply for university, the documentation which you will get ready before applying and this page will also make you aware of what is most needed things you need to work on before getting admission into specific institute. 

o   Book Status: This is limited to provide the status of books. Here you may check all of your books by searching their name or the code which is unique because each of the book has its own name and code. While it depends upon the name and level of your degree too.

·         AIOU Assignments

You will find out every assignment solutions along with the question assignments from these following sections. Every assignment is given by seasonal semester like autumn or spring so you are request to go through according to your current Bed, MA, Med to any associate degree. 

o   Assignments:

If you go to this assignment section, you will find out that all the question assignment will be there, and you would just need to download those question assignment in PDF format. Must keep in mind that every question paper is different so download it by searching the exact subject name so you can obtain good grades from your subjects. 

o   Solved Assignments:

Click on this "Solved Assignments" section, so it would show you the long list of solved assignment in huge number. While if you want to download it, you can simply click on Download Now option there to download in high resolution PDF format. However, you can solve it by following and watching solved assignments. These solved assignments are upgraded by latest date so keep visiting for new assignments. 

o   Assignments Form:

This section helps the visitor to download the assignment form which is best suitable for all the students who are already enrolled in Allama Iqbal Open University. 

o   Tutor Information:

Here in " Tutor Information? you will be able to know the bio data of the tutor who teaches you. The information is personal information so you may get their mobile number, email etc. This information can be used by the students when they face any hurdle during the study or solving any assignment.

o   Assignments Schedule:

As you know every assignment has the system of time limitation and once a student gets any assignment, he needs to solved and submit it on the portal or send via courier within the time limit. So, this section will guide you about the schedule of assignments. 

o   Assignments Marks:

Whenever a student submits any assignment of the subject which can be any subject so, after solving it and finishing the uploading, the teacher gives them marks on solved assignments of the sudents. As for as the "assignment marks" is concerened, yyou get to know the total marks of your submitted assignment on the portal. 

·         AIOU Examination

This section is so important. As you can see every student needs to pass each of the subject passing marks to qualify to next class or semester. So having eye on this problem we thought to help students to find ease when attempting any exam. These are the facilities we provide to students.

o   Past Papers:

We provide the past papers of every subject. The purpose is to help students may predict the future exams while they can also boost their confidence while attempting any paper.

All of the past papers are in pdf format, while these past papers are 100% accurate and reliable and these are solved by experts before uploading.

o   Date Sheet:

This section is separated for the students to find out all the type of important dates for example examination last date, library form, sports, and travel fee last date etc. This date sheet information is not so common. In many universities it is not used to inform students until the official later is distributed among administration and focal persons. While in Allama Iqbal Open University every date is told by announcing.

o   Result:

Here students will be able to see the results of their given exams in the past. But keep in mind that we provide result for each of the subject separately. Hence, you can calculate for overall result by adding marks of each subject and whatever you will get the amount, that is your overall marks.

You can also calculate the percentage and the formula is so simple, just divide the marks you obtained by the total number of marks and then multiply it with 100, Yes! You got your percentage.


·         AIOU Downloads

Here you will be able to download every important document which usually a students realize difficult to find them. Yes, here you will be able to download the files and more importantly you can also take print of each of the resource file if you want.

What you get to download?

o   Download Books:

Here if you visit the section of books. You will see that we have uploaded all the books which you mostly buy from market at very high prices. But we provide all the books free of cost. Just click the book of your choice and download it in your cellphone, computer, or laptop.

o   Download Forms:

Allama Iqbal Open University has an official structure like every ranked university which is providing remotely quality education. The reason is you can download the forms for every work for instance you want to have an identity card, library card form, sports card form, Gym form, lab work form and many more. So just visit this to download the forms and fill them and submit it to admin staff of the University for your Facilities as a student.

o   AIOU Video:

Many of the persons find it boring to read long paragraphs and they just want someone to tell them verbally. If you are a person who understands things by watching it rather reading it. Then this section is for you to go, visit and see so many videos that are uploaded officially for the students so they can understand the Allama Iqbal Open University’s policies and procedures in very detailed manner of video format.