Apply Online for Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023

Apply Online for Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 Registration

The Government of Pakistan has provided the facility to Apply Online for Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 Registration for poor families.

This is a subsidy of 28 billion rupees by the government of Pakistan for 1 crore 4 million families with income less than 4000 thousand rupees. According to this scheme, Petrol will be available at a subsidized rate of Rs 100 for motorcycles, rickshaws and small vehicle owners.

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How to Apply Online for Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 Registration:

For applying for the Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023, you will need to send your ID card (CNIC) number to 786. After receiving the confirmation SMS, you can get subsidized petrol by showing your ID card (CNIC, Computerized National Identity Card) and one-time password at the petrol pump. Anyhow, you can only get (acquire, obtain) two to three litres of Sasta (cheap) petrol at a time.

Apply Online for Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 Registration

What are the acceptable (appropriate) criteria for the Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023?

The eligibility (fitted) criteria for this scheme is that your monthly income should be less than 40,000.

Furthermore, only registered motorcycles and vehicles are eligible (allowed, acceptable) for subsidy. The People who are registered with the Benazir Income Support Program are also qualified for the subsidy.

To be eligible for the Sasta (cheap) petrol scheme you need to fulfil the following steps:

1.    Your monthly salary should be less than 40000.

2.    You should have a registered motorcycle, rickshaw, or small vehicle.

3.    You should have to register for the Benazir Income Support Program.

What are the Rules and Regulations (Terms and Conditions) of the Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023?

According to this scheme, rich people will get 50 rupees more expensive petrol and poor people will be given a discount of 50 rupees (i.e. they will be given 50 rupees cheaper per litre of petrol). Only two to three litres of cheap petrol will be given at a time.

Note: People who have only a motorcycle will be given petrol at Rs 100 per litre instead of Rs 50.

The scheme is expected to be launched after the policy is formulated in six weeks.

What are the benefits of the Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023?

This will lessen (decrease) the burden of petrol expenditure on low-income families.

This will give relief to motorcycle, rickshaw and small vehicle owners who are struggling with high fuel prices.

This will ensure that the subsidy reaches those who truly need it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which people will get cheap petrol?

Owners of motorcycles, rickshaws and small vehicles will get cheaper petrol.

Which people will get expensive petrol?

The rich people whose monthly salary is more than 60000 thousand will have to pay Rs 50 per litre more.

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