8171 Registration Online 2023 (Complete Step-by-Step Process)

8171 Registration Online 2023

8171 is a web portal where you can register online for social security and poverty alleviation programmes for poor people, widows, and orphans by the Government of Pakistan. Residents from all provinces can participate in this program and register online.

Earlier, 7000 rupees were given to poor, needy, orphans, destitute and helpless people but in 2023 it has been increased to 8500 rupees.

8171 Registration Online 2023: (Ehsaas survey)

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A lot of people have already completed the Ehsaas survey but those who are still living can check their registration from the web portal of 8171.

If your survey of BENAZIR National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) is complete then you can successfully register through the 8171 portal.

Note: If you are registered with either Ehsaas Program or Benazir Income Support Program, your data can be verified by both institutions/organizations.

8171 Registration Online 2023: (Complete Step-by-Step Process)

If you have not yet registered, you can complete it by visiting the Benazir Income Support Programme office. The head of a family will carry his CNIC card and B form of children. The registration process is completed in a day, you just have to tell about your family exactly. If you qualify, you will be registered. You can also check your registration online from the web portal of 8171.

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Apart from this, you can also visit Ehsaas Registration Centre. Their centres are located in almost all the districts of Pakistan and you can visit them for your registration or get your information corrected.

Those who are needy or in their last age or have any disability can visit the NADRA office and get their information updated. By doing this you will get the advantage that you will not face any problems in your registration when you go to Ehsaas Program Centre or Benazir Income Support Programme office.

And your registration will be completed successfully then after 30 days you can check your registration process on the 8171 web portal or also through message by writing/sending your CNIC on 8171.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you provide us with the link to the 8171 Web Portal?


What is BISP? Tell me about this.

BISP also knows as Benazir Income Support Programme. It is a programme of cash transfers to poor people to eradicate poverty in Pakistan. This is currently the largest aid program in Pakistan. Benazir Income Support Programme has been implemented in the provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Can you provide us with the link to the NSER survey?


What is Ehsaas Programme? Tell me about this.

Ehsaas Programme is for the especially poor, orphans, widows, the homeless, the disabled, those at risk of medical infirmity, the unemployed, the poor farmers, the labourers, the sick and the malnourished.; For students from low-income backgrounds and poor women and senior citizens. The plan is also about uplifting backward areas where poverty (impoverishment) is high. To register for this program first, you have to go to Ehsaas Programme Centre or Benazir Income Support Programme office to complete your registration process.