Free Atta scheme in Ramadan 2023

Free Atta Scheme in Ramadan 2023

     Free Atta Scheme in Ramadan 2023 is a initiative for the people of punjab, yes now you can avail the opportunity to get free muft atta scheme. This opportunity is backed by 64 billion Pakistan rupees and this is done for the sake of Ramadan 2023.

It is generally estimated that around 20 crores of the people of Pakistan will be benefited and the beneficiaries will get free atta for Ramadan 2023. However this is being done specially for the people of punjab from the government of Punjab. You can always know that this is one of the best schemes that have been awarded for the poor people of Pakistan in the precious month of Ramadan. The distribution of these sacks of flour will likely be started from Shaban 25. I am damn sure that no one of you would have ever got this kind of scheme in the mean time when all the prices of all the things are on the sky.

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What is registration date of free atta scheme in Ramadan 2023?

This free atta scheme in Ramadan 2023 has been started from 15 march 2023. Any of you can avail this opportunity after this starting date of the free Atta Scheme of government of Punjab. So, it is highly recommended for you to please apply as soon as possible so that you can avail the opportunity very quickly.


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What is the benefits of this free atta scheme in Ramadan 2023?

The persons who pass the initial review and successfully get the confirmation from government of Punjab will get 3 bags of weight 10 kgs of worth atta (flour). The bags would be labeled with "Special Ramzan package".

Not only that but the delivery is also free it means you people will be getting the sacks of flour on your doorstep just if you pass the review of profile process. This is good because as you know the hike in the prices of fuel ( any type like Petrol or Diesel).


What's the requirements to be eligible for Atta scheme 2023?

1. The person or head of a family who has income not more than 60,000 (Pakistan rupees).

2. All the beneficiaries of Benazir income support program and PSPA are encouraged to apply and avail the free offer or scheme.

3. By using your registered mobile number, you have to type your ATTA>CNIC NO# and then send it to 8070.

4. For more information you can also call the 0800-0235, because it's their helpline number if in case you think you are eligible but unable to get the benefit of the scheme.

Note: after sending your corresponding number you will instantly get the confirmation message by the authority that you Registration has been accepted and you will be further contacted upon your profile acceptance for the Ramadan Atta scheme 2023.


How you can apply online for the free atta scheme in Ramadan 2023?


Note that you have to follow the following process with accuracy otherwise you yourself will be liable if you put incorrect or false Information on the portal of this scheme. So, make sure you get the message back otherwise you would be considered out of this scheme)


Step 1: First of all, you have to go to this website which I am going to provide you here.

Step 2: Now you need to sign up for the scheme means you have to create the account on this portal to avail the offer. So, you now need to click on "Sign Up" option and wait for new window to be open.


Step 3: In this step, you will be required to fill all the valuable information of yours like your CNIC number (ID card number), your current address, your cellphone number or any other information.


Step 4: This step is also very crucial because in this step of the registration you will be required to upload on the portal the original scanned copy of your CNIC or ID card, because they will have to check if you are real beneficiary or a fake login provider or scammer etc.


Step 5: This is the final step and now you just need to click on 'Sign up' button to successfully complete your registration against free atta scheme in ramadan 2023.


How to apply through application?

 Online Registration of Atta scheme Yes, you can also apply through application and in today's world every child has their own cellphone so you should have a cellphone and you will just need to search on google play store once it is officially out but for now you can use your cellphone and send a code as discussed all the steps above.


Are there any distribution centres?

 No there are no any distribution centers as the government of Punjab has decided that they will be providing the sacks of atta of flour to the needy people and all the relevant people should just register their self to be eligible for this offer of free atta scheme 2023.


So this is how you can get or avail this very rare opportunity if you belong to lower or middle class family background. I would recommend you all to apply and also share this article or the description with others so all the people can benefit from this and also if anyone poor resides near your home, you can and you should apply on his behalf so he ot she can feed their family and live a happy life during this Ramadan as you know the economy of Pakistan is struggling and we should be helpful for all the people around us.


I hope this article has helped you to get the atta or flour for you or at least it helped you to register for the scheme, if yes then please keep visiting out website for more informational schemes and offers that comes by Pakistan government for the people of Pakistan. And also we will update you if the official progress related application comes on the google play store for your information.