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OKash loan App - Complete Guide

In today's article, we will talk about OKash loan App. It is a Nigerian company that provides an online loan facility. OKash loan app is also available on Google Play Store. This app has more than 5 million downloads. You can apply for a loan by installing the app. When you open this app after installing it, you have to provide some of your necessary information to the company with the help of this app to apply for the loan. Then the company evaluates the information you provide and decides whether to grant you the loan or not.

What is OKash loan App? A brief introduction:

OKash is an automated lending service focused on increasing access to credit for the financially underserved in Nigeria. If you apply for a loan and your loan application is approved or rejected, the company will respond within 20 seconds. If the applicant's application is approved, the funds are received within five minutes and the service is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to download the OKash loan App APK file?

You can download OKash loan App from the Android App store directly.

okash loan app download apk

How to install OKash loan App?

To install the OKash loan App first of all you will need to download it from Android App Store. The installation process of this Application is very effortless and uncomplicated.

How to apply for OKash loan App?

You will need to register an account. Then you will need to fill out the basic information. After that, you can apply for approval. If your loan application is approved the company will respond within 20 seconds.

OKash loan app interest rate:

Approximately: 36%

OKash loan App review:

OKash is a Micro-lending product and the service is armed by Blue Ridge Microfinance bank. The OKash loan App is not a scam and it is legit, safe and secure.

What type of Data OKash loan App may collect?

This OKash loan App may collect these types of Data:

Location, Personal Information [e.g. Name, Email, User IDs, Address, Mobile Number etc.], Financial Information, Messages, Photos and Videos, Files and Documents, Calendar Events, Contacts etc.