How can I create WhatsApp channel in Pakistan?


To create a WhatsApp channel, you can follow these steps:

1.     Open WhatsApp Web and click on the Channels icon.

2.     Click the “+” sign and select Create channel.

3.     Proceed through the prompts by clicking Continue.

4.     Enter a channel name for your channel. You can change the name later if needed.

5.     Customize your channel by adding a description and an appealing icon.

6.     Click Create channel, and you’re all set!

Now that you have created a channel, you can share updates and connect with your followers directly through WhatsApp. If you need help with your channel, you can reach out to support by going to WhatsApp Settings > Help > Contact us.

Please note that WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out but isn’t available to everyone yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you. Also, availability of some features, like being able to create a channel, might vary depending on your location and account.

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