What is Ehsas Emergency Cash Program?
Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a welfare scheme, Named after the Emergency Cash Program. Twelve million families will benefit from this scheme. When it comes to individual benefits, a 72 million people can benefit from this scheme. Under this scheme, the family will receive Rs. 12,000.00. 
  How to Apply for Ehsas Emergency Cash Program
Online registration / online apply in Ehsas Emergency Cash Program is very easy. You do not need to visit any website or app to register in the Ehsas Emergency Case Program. Follow the procedure below: -

          Go to the write message on your mobile
          Type your ID card number
          And message this ID card number to 8171 

After following this procedure you will get a message from the system whether you are eligible for this scheme or not. If you are under this scheme, you will be asked for your Easy Paisa Mobile Account Number or Bank Account Number for sending of payment. 

Only those people can benefit from the Ehsas Emergency Cash program, People whose data is included in the Ehsas Program or Benazir Income Support Program. Otherwise you will not benefit from this scheme.
Most people are sharing links to different websites or Android app that you can register for Ehsas Emergency Cash Program on this website or the Android app. It's all fraud there is no website or Android app that allows you to register with the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program. The method of officially joining the program is possible through a message. If you would like to find out more about this program so watch the video by clicking on the link above.