What is Ehsas Ration Scheme / Program?
The Ehsas Ration Program is a welfare scheme by the Federal Government. Under this scheme, ration will be provided to the homes of all the people in need. If you too are worried about the current situation and want to get ration, so for this purpose you have to register your online within the Emotion Ration Program. The registration process in the Ehsas Ration program is very simple. You can apply online at home for the Ehsas Ration program by following the steps below. 

Online Registration for Ehsas Ration Program
To register in the Ehsas Ration program, first visit the official website which is given here, http://rashan.pass.gov.pk/

When you visit this website you will be presented with a ration registration page / form. The applications for the Emotion Ration program are divided into two parts. In the first step, you will write down the basic information and in the second step you will write down the contact information. In the Basic Information you will enter your full name, ID card number and number of family members. In the contact information you will enter the full address district and tehsil and mobile number. You have to write all this information correctly, so that you can be contacted after checking the application.
If you are facing any problems regarding completing this application form, so below is the link to the video Which contains complete information from filing an online application form to submitting. 
Ehsas Ration Registration via SMS
If you do not receive the ration within four days then you have to inform the concerned department via SMS. The SMS sample is shown below: -
Please SMS to 4471, MW < > Name, Address, CNIC Number, Phone Number.
Go to the write message on your mobile, Type MW < > Name, Address, CNIC Number, Mobile Number and send it to 4471.

The Urdu sample of the SMS is also shown below.