People who send messages on 8171 and you have received the response to contact your district administration for registration. For this purpose, the Government of Pakistan introduced an online platform. Three of this platform allows you to register yourself in the database of the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program at home. The registration process is very simple. If you would like to register yourself, follow the instructions below.

یہ آرٹیکل اُردو زبان میں پڑھنے کیلئےیہاں کلک کریں
  Registration on Ehsas Nadara Gov PK
To register in the database of the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, first visit the link
The Official portal of the Ehsas Program will open in front of you. First, you will confirm your registration by entering your ID card number. Then type captcha and press verify button.

The relevant results will be in front of you. There are two types of results you can see below.
1st Result
Your are eligible for Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, we will contact you soon for Money acquisition.
You don't have to worry if you get this result, the government will contact you for a payment within a few days. 
 2nd Result
Please contact the relevant district administration to enroll in the Ehsas Emergency Case Program, or provide your information for personal registration online. 
Below you will see a form for online registration. You will need to complete this form. Your ID card number will be automatically selected. After that you will enter your mobile number and tell the network as well. At the end you will see a code and after typing it you have to press the Verify button. 

After you press the confirmation button a notification will appear to you. 

Please make sure all your personal information is correct and you haven't kept any information hidden. You may be subject to litigation if the information provided is false. After the scroll you will come down and you will see another form. This form will include your ID card number, mobile number and name. Only here you will select your profession and press the Verify button. As soon as you press the Verify button, this notification will appear to you.
Thank you for providing your personal information in the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program. After you confirm your personal information, you will be made part of the program. 
 If you still see an issue with online registration, Click on the video link and watch the video for more information.