Question 1. What is the process for SMS registration?
Answer. Send SMS to 8070, type imdad, CNIC No, Mobile No, Name
SMS sample is here
Imdad----371010124555215----03001234567----Muhammad Ali
 Question 2. When SMS is sent whether or not you get an answer?
Answer. When SMS is sent no response is received at this time, After April 1st, SMS response will be sent.
Question 3. When will the money be transferred?
Answer. Money will be transferred after the application is examined. 
Question 4. How will the money of Insaf Imdad be conveyed to the people?
Answer. Insaf Imdad money will be transfer through Easy Paisa or any other company.
Question 5. People who live in Punjab province but ID cards belong to another province, whether they are eligible for Insaf Imdad or not?
Answer. All such people are not eligible for Insaf Imdad. 

 Question 6. Can all family members apply for Insaf Imdad?
Answer. No, only one family member can apply for Insaf Imdad.
Question 7. If someone has registered his / her with the wrong ID card number, so what should he do?
Answer. People who have registered with the wrong ID card number; they should re-register with their correct ID card number. 
Question 8. How much balance will be deducted from sending SMS to 8070?
Answer. 1.36 rupees per SMS (include tax.